Alternative Binary Protocol idea for memcached.

marc at marc at
Wed Feb 20 10:31:59 UTC 2008

Clint Webb wrote:
> I wasn't expecting such a quick reply.  Good point about allowing 
> multiple protocols.  I might pull out some of my old code and see how 
> easy it is to drop in.
> I thought I'd give a little background on myself and this protocol 
> style. I used to work in the controls and automation industry.  If 
> you've ever checked your luggage into an airport, or sent anything 
> thru USPS, UPS or FedEX, or bought anything online from amazon, b&n 
> and other large online stores, or from Walmart, kmart, target, etc... 
> then your product has likely had some experience with my coding 
> somewhere along the line.

Is that why packages sent to me *ALWAYS* get lost?

I had to say that. :)

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