item expiration

Grant Maxwell grant.maxwell at
Wed Jun 11 02:04:25 UTC 2008

Hi Folks

My understanding is that items will expire in two fundamental ways; if  
a TTL was specified on the set or if the cache needs room and deletes  
old items.

My quesions are:

	Is this understanding fully correct ?
	Is there a way to tell the cache that an item should be fully  
persistent - i.e. don't throw it away for any reason ?

The second question relates to us being able to use the cache as a  
storage area that only disappears if the daemon stops etc. This would  
be very useful in our environment where we can cache stuff at start  
up, share it across multiple processes/networks, and have enormous  
impact on efficiency. Obviously not specifying a TTL on the set method  
means it wont expire, but what about the situation where the memcached  
needs space and deletes the oldest items ?


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