item expiration

Reinis Rozitis roze at
Wed Jun 11 02:27:05 UTC 2008

> My understanding is that items will expire in two fundamental ways; if  a 
> TTL was specified on the set or if the cache needs room and deletes  old 
> items.
> My quesions are:
> Is this understanding fully correct ?


> Is there a way to tell the cache that an item should be fully 
>  persistent - i.e. don't throw it away for any reason ?

This is not supported by default - as the idea is if the memcache has enough 
ram it should not evict any items (without TTL).

But there is a patch floating arround ( ) which 
does what you asked for.

I have asked later (  ) for 
some confirmations but it was neither accepted nor denied (by anyone) ..
If you're really interested I think I may have also an updated patch version 
for current release.

Just using it is on your own risk :)
We are pretty happy and it works on quite heavy production environment..


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