memcached QA

dormando dormando at
Mon Jun 23 22:07:20 UTC 2008

> Well, there's certainly room for more than one master.  Ideally, you'd
> want a separate master for each different thing that's being built:
> 1) Stable tree.
> 2) Development tree.
> *) Each client.

Yeah, was figuring we were going to have to split it up. In our case
we'd have to designate one person's branch as "next" and have the
development tree buildbot point there.

Clients... also useful. Think brian has/had a buildbot for libmemcached?

> Slaves can attach to these to masters to ensure portability and stuff.
>  I like to use python's buildbot setup as an example:

Neat. Sorry, I hate buildbot's organization, but I'm accepting that this
is what we need to do.

> Anyone who would want to run a slave would just need to install the
> prerequisites and ask for slave credentials on the master.  Of course,
> in order to be useful, one would have to be offering something different.

Sounds good. I definitely started this for the stable tree but need to
follow up with more people to ensure their slaves are running. Have to
get an e-mail notification when a slave's been offline for more than X
hours and deal with it.

I'll still offer to host buildmasters, by the by. My box is basically
idle for development and it's trivial to host buildmasters. Can give
shells, whatever. Buildbot runs on there already and I'll back up the
data on the host.


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