memcache connections are not closing

Brian Moon brianm at
Mon Mar 3 17:04:13 UTC 2008

Pavel Pragin wrote:
> Hello,
> [ppragin at 132022-app5 tmp]$ fgrep "" netstat.1.app5.txt | wc -l
> 1105
> This is the output I get now but there is only 1k total connection right now. So most of them are memcache related.
> I am sure if I ran this during the outage this numbers would be higher.

Then either you have misquoted your Apache configuration or some other
services are connecting to your memcached and you don't realize it.  The
  Apache config showed that less than 800 connections should be made
when Apache is at its peak usage.

You need to do some more netstat checking to see what servers are
connecting to your memcached.


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