Memcached 1.2.5-rc1 rc party!

dormando dormando at
Mon Mar 3 05:30:40 UTC 2008


Grab it, beat on it, and join us: #memcached

trunk has been pretty well tested I think. Lets hammer it tonight and
release! Come join us on IRC and help test!

Also, check out:

Want memcached to compile on your platform? Donate a buildslave!

Check out: - if you have an account on a server
running your preferred platform, and could run a buildbot compile slave
on it, let us know!

If you can contribute, I'll generate a buildslave package for you and
get you set up.

Check out the changelog:

... and play around. It'd be really awesome if we could toss out
1.2.5-final tonight, if enough people give it a whack :) I'll be hanging
around on IRC tonight answering questions and working on documentation.


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