Memcached 1.2.5!

dormando dormando at
Tue Mar 4 09:00:56 UTC 2008


>From the changelog:

* Add per-item-class tracking of evictions and OOM errors (dormando)
* Optimize item_alloc() a little (dormando)
* Give 'SERVER_ERROR out of memory' errors more context (dormando)
* Enable usage of large memory pages under solaris
(Trond.Norbye at Sun.COM)
* Enable UDP by default, clean up server socket code
  (brian at (Yes, I know it was disabled in 1.2.1;)
* 'noreply' support (Tomash Brechko)
* IPv6 support, and IPv6 multi-interface support (brian at
* Add compiler options for Sun Studio compilers with --enable-threads
 (Trond.Norbye at Sun.COM)
* Add --enable-64bit for mulitarget platforms (Trond.Norbye at Sun.COM)
* Use gettimeofday(2) instead of time(2).
* Make -k option work (Tomash Brechko)
* Fix chunk slab alignment (Trond.Norbye at Sun.COM)

'noreply' support allows commands to be sent without expecting a return
response. Good for bulk one off commands you might not care about.

Many fixes for building and running under OpenSolaris. IPv6 support. Fun

In a fit of insanity I even fixed a minor performance issue, and added
some new stats:

stats items
STAT items:37:number 2
STAT items:37:age 18
STAT items:37:evicted 1467
STAT items:37:outofmemory 0
STAT items:38:number 2
STAT items:38:age 16
STAT items:38:evicted 1352
STAT items:38:outofmemory 0


Huge thanks to Tomash's patches, as usual! This release marks the start
of contributions from folks at MySQL and Sun (also known as: Sun). Brian
and Trond absolutely rule at testing memcached, giving good feedback and
being flexible about contributions. We're looking forward your future
contributions and are happy to have your involvement in the community :)

Exciting features are planned for future releases

- Binary protocol (NOT perl6!)
- Unifying thread support
- Increased thread efficiency
- Arbitrary storage engine support
- Documentation, tests, etc.


- We need a new win32 maintainer still. Get the present code building,
keep it up to date, and work with us to get it all merged.
- Package managers for distributions? Debian, fedora, gentoo, etc.
Memcached is alive again and lets keep the distributions up to date!
- Buildbots! We need BSD platforms, solaris platforms, mac platforms,
for automated build slaves. We want to be able to release faster and
with more confidence. We think buildbot is the answer. Shoot me an
e-mail if you can donate one.
- Tests! We need better code coverage. Always looking for more crazy tests.
- Please try the binary tree! Try writing clients, let us know what does
and does not work.


- Still slowly migrating towards git. We have a hosting machine and some
stuff to test. Patience, please :)
- Hosting the mailing lists is boring. What would you guys think if we
moved them to google groups? For? Against? Don't care? Just want digests
to work? :)

Checking out the code

Want to check out the code? Fix some bugs? Submit some tests?

svn co memcached

Or if you're wild and crazy with git:

git-svn clone -s memcached

... and take a nap.


git checkout -b --track ltrunk trunk

... and to keep it up to date: git-svn fetch && git-svn rebase (keep
ltrunk checked out).

As we fix the paths using git will get more natural, and then we can
separate the repos (mainly the server/ path).

have fun,

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