Memcached 1.2.5!

Dustin Sallings dustin at
Wed Mar 5 08:36:06 UTC 2008

On Mar 4, 2008, at 1:00, dormando wrote:

> - Buildbots! We need BSD platforms, solaris platforms, mac platforms,
> for automated build slaves. We want to be able to release faster and
> with more confidence. We think buildbot is the answer. Shoot me an
> e-mail if you can donate one.

	I've got a FreeBSD 5.3 and a FreeBSD 6.2.  I deploy on these, but  
generally work on OS X.  Anyone have any OS X machines that don't go  
to sleep?

	I think it'd be good to name the builders in such a way that makes  
what they're building more obvious:


	(something like that)

> - Hosting the mailing lists is boring. What would you guys think if we
> moved them to google groups? For? Against? Don't care? Just want  
> digests
> to work? :)

	Sounds fine to me.  Less work for you.  :)

Dustin Sallings

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