memcached 1.2.4 Beta for Windows

Kenneth Dalgleish kd at
Thu Mar 6 08:22:08 UTC 2008


I did some work last week on getting Kronuz's 1.2.1 version of
Memcached for Windows updated to 1.2.4. After getting over
the first obstacle, getting libevent compiled on Windows, it was
fairly easy updating the port to 1.2.4, even for a non-C
programmer ;o)

There are still a few warnings at compile time, and I am not able to
run the test scripts on Windows. But I have tested it
with a lot of get, set and stat without spotting any problems. Some
advice on getting the test scripts running on windows is
wanted, if at all possible.

I have not tested compiling on anything but Windows yet, so if anyone
feel the urge...

I have put binaries, source, patch files and some information att, and I
hope some Windows users are willing to help out testing.

- Kenneth Dalgleish

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