Memcached in person

dormando dormando at
Sun Mar 9 22:22:42 UTC 2008

Hey folks,

Coming up in april we have some incredibly sweet events going on for the 
  social aspect of memcached!

The biggest deal is (obviously) the completely awesome tutorial session 
Brian Aker and I are giving at mysql conference:
- Seats are runninng out, so sign up now! I have a 20% discount code 
anyone can apparently have if you e-mail me directly. Come over, meet 
us, absorb our information, then tell us why it sucks so we can fix 
code, or fix the docs.

There is also a DotOrg booth at the mysql conference exhibit hall. We 
will setup shop with some memcached community folks This should be just 
as completely awesome as everything else about memcached, so I'd love to 
have a nice vectorized logo we could blow up and bring with us on a poster.

Trouble is, I can't think of squat. We have a designer willing to do the 
work, but no ideas on this side of the table. The best I've come up with 
is a rendering on the text 'MCd'.

What're your ideas? :)


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