multiple deletes

Mikael Johansson mikael at
Sun May 4 01:29:18 UTC 2008

Yup, pretty much. See the README for API details.

As to the ideas, they're still in my inbox and I'll definatly get back 
to you; trying to support a couple of open source projects, a 8-5 job 
and some consulting on the side takes up a lot of time though, sorry 
bout that.


mike wrote:
> to confirm, the PECL client supports an array for get, set, delete,
> increment, and decrement? if not an array, will be single, but an
> array will auto pipeline and issue the appropriate multi-get/etc?
> slighty OT: you never got back to me about my ideas for the PECL module :)
> On 5/3/08, Mikael Johansson <mikael at> wrote:
>> - Pipelined multi-set/delete/increment/decrement

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