Version 1.00 release of both client and server

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Mon Oct 18 13:13:28 PDT 2004

Everything needed to use MogileFS is now packaged:

For the server you'll need:

  Danga::Socket   -- depends on Linux::AIO
  Perlbal         -- depends on Danga::Socket and IO::SendFile
  mogilefs-server -- depends on Danga::Socket and Perlbal

For the client side you'll need:

  MogileFS        -- depends on LWP (Perl client)

We also need to release some of our tools (, etc) in

And our docs pretty much suck still.  Patches welcome.  :)

Props to everybody that made this release happen:

   Mark "Junior" Smith -- perlbal and mogilefsd
   Brad Whitaker       -- client and mogilefsd
   Michael Granger     -- Danga::Socket, packaging
   Me                  -- a bit of everything

- Brad (Fitzpatrick)

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