mogadm (admin console tool)

Mark Smith junior at
Tue Aug 9 11:33:02 PDT 2005

I'll be working on a MogileFS command line administration program over the
next week or two.  Some of the things we've already slated for this program
to handle:

* adding/configuring hosts, devices, namespaces, classes
* marking hosts/devices up, temp_down, dead, etc
* checking the status of all devices (mogcheck)
* checking the status of the system overall (replication, deletion, ...)
* upgrading the MogileFS database as necessary
* installing and configuring fresh MogileFS database

Is there anything missing from that list that you wish you could do more
easily with MogileFS?  Any database tweaks you find yourself doing that you
wish you didn't have to do manually?

Any thoughts and ideas are welcome!

Junior (aka Mark Smith)
junior at

Software Engineer
Six Apart / Danga Interactive

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