mogstored file descriptor leak

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Sun Aug 14 20:40:22 PDT 2005

Great bug report.  I thought it'd be easy to find, but mogstored in cvs
(1.14) is pretty clear:

            # open a file on that disk location called 'usage'
            my $rv = open(FILE, ">$disk/usage");
            unless ($rv) {
                $err->("Unable to open '$disk/usage' for writing: $!");
            foreach (sort keys %$output) {
                print FILE "$_: $output->{$_}\n";
            close FILE;

I'm not seeing any problem.  Are you?

- Brad

On Sun, 14 Aug 2005, Cory Bennett wrote:

> Hello,
> I just started working with MogileFS yesterday, so I hope this has not been
> covered yet.  I am using the cvs version of MogfileFS and Perlbal.  I got it
> all set up, and it was working well, then after a few hours, my mogstored
> would stop responding.  If I restarted it, it all worked fine again.  The
> second time it happened I started looking around to see what was going on,
> and it seems like there is a file descriptor leak when <root>/<dev>/usage is
> requested.  I looked around in the code base, but it is a little too deep for
> me to see anything yet.
> coryb at thor:/tmp$ sudo lsof | grep mogstored | grep /var/mogdata | grep usage |
> wc -l
> 1015
> This is on linux.  I am using IO::AIO instead of Linux::AIO because I could
> not get Linux::AIO to compile.
> Any ideas?  Thanks!
> -Cory

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