More than one mogstored daemon

Vitaliy F. Scherbakov vaita-c at
Tue Aug 16 00:39:43 PDT 2005

Mark Smith wrote:

> If the only point is to replicate data to different disks on your machine,
> then you'll have to provide multiple IP address for the machine, or use
>,, etc.

Does it help, if i store my data from other host via MogileFS.php 

> But that defeats half of the usefulness of MogileFS, which is to spread
> files across multiple machines, so if someone goes into the server room
> with their double-barrel shotgun and takes out one the one server, you lose
> your data (unless a disk survives, but still, you'd have to go put it in a
> new machine).

I understand that :-), but it is not my idea to use multi HDD on one host.
> Anyway, it's doable, but you're either going to have to modify mogilefsd or
> put multiple IPs on your machine... :)

Does anybody know how to create multiply ip's for one host?

> On Tue, Aug 16, 2005, Vitaliy F. Scherbakov wrote:
>>Hello, Everybody.
>>I have machine with 1 HDD (System) and 3 HDD's (for data), this machine 
>>has it's own IP-Address. (Data  drives are mounted to /data/devX X in 
>>[1,2,3]). At mogstored: $path = "/data";
>>Brad, said that Mogile could replicate to devices on different hosts.
>>Have You any sugestions, how to solve my problem?
>>Maybe it is possible to run more than one instance of mogstored or 

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