new file hanging?

Brandon Ooi brandon at
Wed Aug 24 12:14:00 PDT 2005

Interesting tool. I moved mogstored to the same machine as the db and 
mogilefsd (and switched off iptables) just to make sure that wasn't the 
problem. I created a motd and used the tool as you described.

# mogtool --debug --trackers= --domain=test 
--class=normal  inject /etc/motd /etc/motd

and this was the response

Spawned child 7516 to deal with chunk number 1.
SOCK: Sock_127.0.0.1:7001, REQ: create_open 
$VAR1 = undef;

$VAR1 = undef;

$VAR1 = {
          'fid' => '58',
          'devid' => '1',
          'path' => ''

At this point it hangs (not sure what the behavior is supposed to be). 
It would seem like it worked but the 'file' table in mysql is empty and 
the file does not exist on /dev1. Is the $VAR1 supposed to be undef?

I have also telnet'ed into mogstored and successfully used http PUT to 
save a file. It would seem that mogstored does work.


Justin Azoff wrote:

>On Tue, 2005-08-23 at 21:37 -0700, Brandon Ooi wrote:
>>We are trying out MogileFS as a solution to our storage problem. I've 
>>set up the database, tracker and a couple storage nodes just for 
>>testing. (all which seem to be working).
>>I'm trying to create a new file in mogilefs but it seems to just hang. 
>>The code to create a new file was taken near verbatim from the 
>> However, "printing" to a mogilefs file 
>>handle seems to hang
>[snip :-)]
>sounds like your client can connect to the mogilefsd tracker but not the
>mogstored nodes.
>What happens when you "open" a file is the client connects to mogilefsd,
>which gives the client one or more http urls that point to your
>mogstored nodes.  So it looks like your client is getting that list, but
>is unable to connect.
>try using mogtool with debugging on to get more information:
>$ mogtool --debug --trackers= --domain=foo --class=bar  inject /etc/motd /etc/motd
>or such
>Make sure that your clients can connect to the mogstored nodes on port
>7500 and 7501....

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