new file hanging?

Justin Azoff JAzoff at
Wed Aug 24 12:32:14 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-08-24 at 12:14 -0700, Brandon Ooi wrote:
> Interesting tool. I moved mogstored to the same machine as the db and 
> mogilefsd (and switched off iptables) just to make sure that wasn't the 
> problem. I created a motd and used the tool as you described.


> $VAR1 = {
>           'fid' => '58',
>           'devid' => '1',
>           'path' => ''
>         };
> At this point it hangs (not sure what the behavior is supposed to be). 
> It would seem like it worked but the 'file' table in mysql is empty and 
> the file does not exist on /dev1. Is the $VAR1 supposed to be undef?

That output is normal... at that point you should have an entry in the
tempfile table...

> I have also telnet'ed into mogstored and successfully used http PUT to 
> save a file. It would seem that mogstored does work.
> Brandon

You should be able to connect to __from the host you
are running mogtool on__ and use curl, like:

$ curl -v -T /etc/motd

I would also install tcpdump or ngrep and use that to see what is
actually getting sent back and forth between the hosts.

-- Justin Azoff
-- Network Performance Analyst

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