new file hanging?

Brandon Ooi brandon at
Wed Aug 24 13:13:52 PDT 2005


Ah yeah interesting. I too was undef'ing $/. Scoping the change seems to 
have fixed part of the problem. I was undef'ing $/ so I could slurp the 
data in one call. Now it allows me to "print" into the filehandle.

However, now it hangs on the close function...


I see fids and devids in the 'file_on' table and files in the 'tempfile' 
table. but I don't see any files in the 'file' table and there is 
nothing in the mogdata directories. Anybody know why this command would 


Jason May wrote:

> This sounds suspiciously like a problem I encountered yesterday.
> I was reading in data from a file, and then saving it into mogfs.  In  
> my case it was hanging in the new_file() call.
> The fix turned out to be related to $/.  I was using "undef $/" to  
> slurp in the data.  This somehow affected the mogfs calls.  When I  
> scoped the $/ change with { local $/ = undef; } the new_file() call  
> started working.
> I didn't investigate further.  How does $/ affect the mogfs call  
> internals?
> Hope this helps someone...
> -Jason
> On Aug 23, 2005, at 9:37 PM, Brandon Ooi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We are trying out MogileFS as a solution to our storage problem.  
>> I've set up the database, tracker and a couple storage nodes just  
>> for testing. (all which seem to be working).
>> I'm trying to create a new file in mogilefs but it seems to just  
>> hang. The code to create a new file was taken near verbatim from  the 
>> However, "printing" to a mogilefs  file 
>> handle seems to hang

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