new file hanging?

Juan Ignacio Leon j.ignacio.leon at
Wed Aug 24 13:24:41 PDT 2005

As far as I dug, I was able to see that the problems had to do with
the asynchronous IO routines.
At the time I was testing (early this summer), Linux::AIO was a
requirement and did not work well with 64bit kernels on RedHat (epoll
problems also). Now, you can instruct perlbal to use IO::AIO which is
a portable asynch IO written by the same developer - Lehmann.

I ended up having to ditch the RedHat clone for the storage solution
and threw mogile on Debian.  I will, however, try again on a RedHat
derivative at some point in the future. Sorry I can't be of more help.
This community is pretty darn good and quite active lately so best of

Oh one more thing:  be sure to try using CVS builds for all these
sources rather than the older ones linked from the website.


On 8/24/05, Brandon Ooi <brandono at> wrote:
> I am running on Fedora Core 4 SMP. (which is probably an RHEL somethign
> clone). Did you ever figure out what caused the hangs?
> Brandon
> Juan Ignacio Leon wrote:
> >Brandon,
> >What platform are you running mogilefs on? I had similar hangs when
> >using CentOS 4.1 (RHEL 4.1 Clone).
> >J
> >
> >
> >

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