Danga::Socket, epoll, resolved. New Problem: ports numbers!

j.ignacio.leon at gmail.com j.ignacio.leon at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 16:12:07 PDT 2005

After many hours of digging around the MogileFS code, I found out the
hard way that Danga::Socket does not like 64 bit Linux (at least not
on Centos 4.1). I found the comments in Socket.pm about Syscall
numbers being hard coded from the Linux i386 32 bit -- so decided to
end my epoll problems by installing a regular i386 version of Centos

My problem now is that I cannot get the server components talking
properly.  Using mogtool (from cvs) I was able to at least get some
tempfile entries to appear in the mysql db... much further than

Specifically I am not sure I am getting the HTTP setup properly... 
I have changed all instances of port 7500 to 7200 in the config files
and the binaries for the two server daemons. I have also listed 7200
as the http_port in the database. (the http_get_port is empty).

Here is what I am doing: host142 has mogilefsd and mysql on it.
This is my mogilefsd.conf file

#daemonize = 1
db_dsn = DBI:mysql:mogilefs:host=
db_user = mogilefs
db_pass = mogmice
conf_port = 7001
listener_jobs = 10
delete_jobs = 1
replicate_jobs = 5
mog_root = /var/mogdata
reaper_jobs = 1

This is my mogstored.conf file (also changed port in binary to 7200)
SERVER max_connections = 10000
SET mogstored.role = web_server
SET mogstored.listen =
SET mogstored.docroot = #MOGSTORED_DOCROOT
SET mogstored.dirindexing = 0
SET mogstored.enable_put = 1
SET mogstored.enable_delete = 1
SET mogstored.min_put_directory = 1
ENABLE mogstored

When I start the mogstored processes things seem to go well.
When I start teh mogilefsd process it also launches without errors and
in debug I can see it constantly looking for files to replicate.

Any Ideas?  The changing back and forth of ports from the
documentation, sample conf. files from cvs and the binaries has me all
mixed up.

Last one for today: Is it possible to run a mogstored on the same
machine as mogilefsd?


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