mogilefsd cannot see mogstored's running

j.ignacio.leon at j.ignacio.leon at
Thu Jul 21 09:12:41 PDT 2005

More info on the usage reporting / device table problem:
-- I am confused about this suggestion made earlier:
>try finding the line in mogstored that looks like this:
>      next unless $disk =~ /^$path/;
>and change it to
>       next unless $path =~ /^$disk/;

I have tried it in the portion of mogstored that writes the usage
file. This results in a usage file being written to my "/" directory
rather than /var/mogdata/devN/.  Is this the expected behavior?
However my device tables are still empty and mogilefsd monitor reports
404 not found on both devs when running the usage check.

Should I worry about patching so it write to /devN perhaps? Or might
the problem  be elsewhere?

Thanks for all the help guys!

On 7/20/05, j.ignacio.leon at <j.ignacio.leon at> wrote:
> I still have the problem of my device table not having any information
> other than what I inserted (hostid and devid).  When running mogilefsd
> I get this error once or twice a minute:
> [monitor(29805)] Monitor running; scanning usage files
> [monitor(29805)] Failed getting dev1: 404 Not Found
> [monitor(29805)] Failed getting dev2: 404 Not Found

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