mogilefsd cannot see mogstored's running

j.ignacio.leon at j.ignacio.leon at
Wed Jul 20 11:52:14 PDT 2005

> I will be installing gentoo and/or debian on a couple test machines
> this afternoon to see if I can solve things by just switching distros.

I've built two storage nodes gurnning debian + mogstored.  Most
everything is working properly with Debian! No more AIO or Epoll
errors from mogstored!

I still have the problem of my device table not having any information
other than what I inserted (hostid and devid).  When running mogilefsd
I get this error once or twice a minute:
[monitor(29805)] Monitor running; scanning usage files
[monitor(29805)] Failed getting dev1: 404 Not Found
[monitor(29805)] Failed getting dev2: 404 Not Found

I tried specifying 7501 and/ or 7501 as the http_get_port but that
made no difference (in fact the errors became 500 errors in one case).

Other than that, I can happily write to the storage servers with
mogtool and curl. I am currently working on using Mr. Chang's php
interface for the client.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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