Hardware for MogileFS

Jay Buffington jaybuffington at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 11:40:47 PDT 2005

I read about internet archive's new petabox:

Capricorn Technologies (http://www.capricorn-tech.com/) makes these. 
They cram 2 terabytes (4 500gb drives I assume) in to 1U and it only
takes 80 watts.

If I were to build a petabyte (or even 100 terabytes) for use with
mogilefs it would make sense use higher density boxes with cheaper

For example:
* 300 gb Maxtor 6L300R0 (about 40 cents per gigabyte)
* AIC RMC5D2-XP 5U chassis - holds 48 drives, costs about $3500:
* Highpoint RocketRAID 2240 16-port SATA RAID

(300gb * 48 drives) / 5U = 2880gb per 1U

Each drive takes a max of about 10W.  Assuming the other components
take 120W  (its probably much lower than this) we get:

      (10W * 48 drives + 120W) / (300gb * 48 drives)
=~ 600W / 14.4tb
=~ 42 watts per terabyte

Which is comparable to the 40 watts per terabyte of the capricorn box.
 This configuration would be just as reliable but much cheaper than
Capricorn tech's.


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