Using MogileFS

Brandon Barkley brandon at
Thu Aug 10 14:47:20 UTC 2006

I have a few questions about using MogileFS in an application. I thought 
I had it pretty much understood, but my boss glanced over some things 
and then utterly confused me.

Basically, we run an application that uses PHP and ActionScript. Users 
can upload an image in PHP which would obviously use $mogfs->new_file or 
equivilant to add it to the cluster.

The question I have is about getting files to the Flash. The way you 
normally sent a file to flash is by specifying a URL. I assume we could 
send a result of get_paths to the flash and then it would request the 
file through Perlbal rather than apache.

I'm not sure if that would have all of the advantages of get_file_data 
though. Is there any disadvantage of passing the HTTP path to the Flash 

We are also worried about mime-types (my boss more than I, I think Flash 
can deal). There was a message a while back where Brad said:

"LiveJournal's userpics (10s of millions of them) have content types, 
but it's the LJ app that knows about them. We tell Perlbal, "yo, service 
this MogileFS file with this content-type...." and Perlbal does its 
internal" redirect thing, ignoring the (empty) mime type from the 
mogstored node."

I'm trying to figure out how exactly to implement the request for the 
file from Perlbal to include a MIME-type.

Any help at all on either area would be appreciated. Thank you.

Brandon Barkley

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