Using MogileFS

komtanoo.pinpimai at komtanoo.pinpimai at
Thu Aug 10 23:39:11 UTC 2006

> I'm not sure if that would have all of the advantages of get_file_data
> though. Is there any disadvantage of passing the HTTP path to the Flash
> application?

If you use get_file_data in mod_perl or a cgi, you don't need perlbal
reproxying, but serving large file via apache tends to cause problem, slow
things down and might unnecessary increase memory usage of your apache
processes. Perlbal reproxies URLs to static webservers(mogstored) to
effectively spoon feed large files to client.

> We are also worried about mime-types

Mime and other file informations should be stored by application. When
mod_perl reproxies a URL to perlbal, it could send the content-type along
with the URL. For example, in PHP:

header("X-REPROXY-URL: http://xx/1/2/3.fid http://yy/1/2/3.fid");
header("Content-Type: image/jpeg");

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