Auto-replication problem

Delfim Machado dbcm at
Fri Aug 11 11:27:35 UTC 2006

It's working here, but i've some questions about it.

When i put one mogstored dead, the reaper detects and sync the files  
to the mindevcount,
but when i put the mogstored alive again, it should clear the files  
from it or add URL to file list...

On 08/08/2006, at 17:25, Alexander Broad wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm doing some testing and have so far manged to successfully get
> MogileFS working on 3 FC5 Xen machines - tracker, DB and storage on  
> VM1
> and storage on the other two VMs. I'm using the source from the svn  
> tree
> as per the instructions found on 
> mogilefs_setup.html
> - thanks btw Brett; those instructions were a life-saver!
> I've got one domain: testdomain, and one class in that domain:
> testclass, with mindevcount = 2.
> I've put 1,000 test files (of around 14k each) into testclass, which
> causes files to appear on VM2 and VM3 (in /var/mogdata/dev2 on VM2 and
> in /var/mogdata/dev3 on VM3)
> I've tried 'mogadm host mark VM2 dead'. VM1 appears to go crazy on the
> CPU for a few seconds, but no files appear in /var/mogdata on VM1 (in
> any dev* directory). I'm guessing auto-replication isn't working  
> for me
> - can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
> Cheers, Alex.
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