Auto-replication problem

Mark Smith junior at
Fri Aug 11 19:26:39 UTC 2006

> When i put one mogstored dead, the reaper detects and sync the files  
> to the mindevcount,


> but when i put the mogstored alive again, it should clear the files  
> from it or add URL to file list...

If you mark a device as dead and then bring it back online, then
MogileFS will NOT remove files from the disk that it removed from the
file_on table.

You should never take a device from dead to alive.  If you want to
reintroduce a disk into the pool that was previously dead, you should
treat it as an entirely new disk -- wipe it clean, give it a new device
id, mount it up, and insert it into the system under the new id.

It'd look something like this:

1) Uh oh, sdb on mymachine is acting weird.  Let's be safe and kill it.
The device id in mogile is 13!

    $ mogadm device mark mymachine 13 dead

2) Now that it's dead, let's see what's going on.  Unmount the desk, do
some checking... hmm, turns out the disk was fine.  I marked it dead for no
reason!  Damn.  Let's put it back in.

3) Okay; we need a new device id - the next free id is 42.  Great, let me
reformat the disk and do that!

    $ mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb                    # wipe it
    $ mkdir /var/mogdata/dev42              # setup the mount point
    $ mount /dev/sdb /var/mogdata/dev42     # mount the disk
    $ mogadm device add mymachine 42        # add device 42 to mymachine

4) New disk is active and MogileFS will start putting files on it.

That's about how it should go...

Mark Smith
junior at

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