Child 7520 (replicate) died: 9 (UNEXPECTED)

Mark Smith junior at
Fri Aug 11 19:21:22 UTC 2006

> i'm using last svn versions of danga-socket, perlbal and mogilefsd.

The replication system is changing dramatically right now, so support for
the old system isn't really useful at this point. :)

However, if I had to point at something, I'd be a bit concerned over your
use of 19 replication threads (we use 2 or 3 per tracker on LJ?), and using
50MB files (larger files tend to have more issues with the current system).

The new replicator will be done soon .. it's being worked on in the
server-newrepl branch of svn, if you care to see what's going on.

Mark Smith
junior at

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