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Wed Aug 16 10:02:27 UTC 2006

is there any public ML with svn diff?

On 11/08/2006, at 20:21, Mark Smith wrote:

>> i'm using last svn versions of danga-socket, perlbal and mogilefsd.
> The replication system is changing dramatically right now, so  
> support for
> the old system isn't really useful at this point. :)
> However, if I had to point at something, I'd be a bit concerned  
> over your
> use of 19 replication threads (we use 2 or 3 per tracker on LJ?),  
> and using
> 50MB files (larger files tend to have more issues with the current  
> system).
> The new replicator will be done soon .. it's being worked on in the
> server-newrepl branch of svn, if you care to see what's going on.
> --
> Mark Smith
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