file meta information

Anatoli Stoyanovski anatolia at
Mon Aug 14 10:13:02 UTC 2006


Is there are reliable method available to store metainformation about
files in mogilefs?

I need a number of flags tagged each file in filesystem. Any
mogilefs-client should have ability to change the flags, and once
changed, flags should be replicated to all storage servers. Currently
with local filesystem I use access permissions for this.

This is mogilefs not designed for - no way to change file without
rewriting it. So I don't like to store this flags in file itself.
Mogilefs currently doesn't support access permissions too.

I think, there are two ways to implement this:
1) improve mogilefs to store metainformation or just access
permissions and api to change them.

2) store metainformation as ordinal file. For file with key
'image:x.jpg' store small 'meta:x.jpg. Small size => fast rewrites.

Any ideas?

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