file meta information

Mark Smith junior at
Mon Aug 14 17:58:57 UTC 2006

> Is there are reliable method available to store metainformation about
> files in mogilefs?

There is not, yet.  This is something we want to do, though.

> 2) store metainformation as ordinal file. For file with key
> 'image:x.jpg' store small 'meta:x.jpg. Small size => fast rewrites.

This is how we've thought about doing it.  Then you can restore a MogileFS
database from a given set of storage disks, which would help if you had
a critical database failure.  (Even though since you should have two
databases, this shouldn't ever happen...)

It's been talked about, but hasn't been done yet.  We will be getting
around to it in the next few months, I know some big bosses here at 6A want
the ability to restore from the storage disks.

Mark Smith
junior at

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