How large should a mogilefsd process become?

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Sat Aug 12 19:44:56 UTC 2006

I did a memory leak test for the cvs version, attached in this email.
Replicator and worker did really leak in the test. However, I've found a
work around by restarting these processes internally at the point where
they are safe to restart and it looks good.


On Fri, August 11, 2006 2:36 pm, Mark Smith wrote:
>> Thanks for the hint (and to the other posters suggesting the same root
>> cause) but I can say definitely that we have only small objects. The
>> largest object is 5MB, the second largest 1.2 MB. All objects together
>> add up to only 1.3 GB.
> Very strange...
> Well, the replication process is getting a review/rework currently, so
> we'll keep an eye out for anything that would cause it to bloat.
>> Before I go and edit the source to add GTop statements: are there any
>> debugging options that I can try first?
> You can telnet in to the port your tracker listens on and type '!watch'
> which will reveal errors/status updates from the various jobs (including
> the replicators).
> You can also turn on debug output and run the tracker in the foreground,
> but that's pretty spammy.  To do this, run the tracker and set the
> environment variable DEBUG to 1 or 2.  (2 is more output!)
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