How large should a mogilefsd process become?

Mark Smith junior at
Fri Aug 11 19:36:45 UTC 2006

> Thanks for the hint (and to the other posters suggesting the same root
> cause) but I can say definitely that we have only small objects. The
> largest object is 5MB, the second largest 1.2 MB. All objects together
> add up to only 1.3 GB.

Very strange...

Well, the replication process is getting a review/rework currently, so
we'll keep an eye out for anything that would cause it to bloat.

> Before I go and edit the source to add GTop statements: are there any
> debugging options that I can try first?

You can telnet in to the port your tracker listens on and type '!watch'
which will reveal errors/status updates from the various jobs (including
the replicators).

You can also turn on debug output and run the tracker in the foreground,
but that's pretty spammy.  To do this, run the tracker and set the
environment variable DEBUG to 1 or 2.  (2 is more output!)

Mark Smith
junior at

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