Mixed environment with 1.x and svn tag 2.00_02 trackers failure adding files

Brett G. Durrett brett at imvu.com
Thu Dec 7 19:38:53 UTC 2006

I have been testing a deploy of a 2.x tracker in a 1.x environment and 
keep getting failures adding files.  I start the 2.x tracker (pulled 
from SVN tag 2.00_02) with the parameter "--no_schema_check" since I am 
running the 1.x schema.  However, adding files fails in Query.pm in the 
function cmd_create_close at these lines of code:

    # mark it as needing replicating:
    $dbh->do("INSERT IGNORE INTO file_to_replicate ".
             "SET fid=?, fromdevid=?, nexttry=0", undef, $fid, $devid);
    return $self->err_line("db_error") if $dbh->err;

The reason for the failure is obvious... the table does not exist.  I 
have heard running a mixed environment is possible by just skipping the 
schema update... am I missing another step or is it not possible to run 
un-modified 2.x in a 1.x environment?


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