what version of MogileFS should I use?

Nielsen, Steve SNielsen at comscore.com
Wed Jan 18 20:25:04 UTC 2006

I had a bounce on this.... resending...

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Thanks.  If I provide an RPM spec file would you include it in the
distribution so we can have it on redhat/fedora/centos ?


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cvs is always the best.  We're working on a new release from cvs, and
working on getting it into Debian, also providing Debian stable (sarge)

The latest stuff in cvs includes a "mogdbsetup" tool to init/upgrade
schema, and a more complete "mogadm" command.  I've been setting up (and
tearing down) a lot of MogileFS setups lately in test environments,
touching SQL to do any admin work.... it's starting to feel halfway

So yeah, http://cvs.danga.com/ if you're brave enough.

- Brad

On Mon, 16 Jan 2006, Nielsen, Steve wrote:

> What is the latest official release of MogileFS recommended for use ?
> I saw a tar ball from fall 2004 on dang.com but this seems kind of
> Thanks,
> Steve

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