Trouble setting up mogileFS

Arnoud Vermeer a.vermeer at
Sat Jan 28 21:46:38 UTC 2006

Hi guys,

I'm trying to setup a small test cluster of MogileFS, but I'm running into a
I've got 3 desktop PC's in the datacenter running Debian Sarge (installed
via netinstall)
2 x 1200 Mhz intel with a single PATA 40 gb HD
and a AMD 2400+ also with a PATA 40 gb HD.

I've installed mogileFS just fine, first the .tar.gz release from the site,
but that one was running into problems with adding disks.
So I grabbed the latest CVS (28-jan-2006), but this one seems to run into
the same problems.

mfs1 (1200Mhz+40GB HD) runs Perlbal, mogilefsd and mogstored
mfs2 (2400Mhz+40GB HD) runs Perlbal, mogilefsd and mogstored
mfs3 (1200Mhz+40GB HD) just runs mogstored

I've added the hosts and disks via the mogadm commandline, but when I run a:
mogadm -c /etc/mogilefs/mogadm.conf check

I get the following result:

mogadm -c /etc/mogilefs/mogadm.conf check (IP's and domain removed..)
Checking trackers... ... OK ... OK

Checking hosts...
        [ 1] mfs1.domain ... OK
        [ 2] mfs2.domain ... OK
        [ 3] mfs3.domain ... OK

Checking devices...
        host device            size(G)    used(G)    free(G)   use%
        ---- --------------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ------
        [ 1] dev4      REQUEST FAILURE
        [ 2] dev3      REQUEST FAILURE
        [ 3] dev5      REQUEST FAILURE
Illegal division by zero at /usr/bin/mogadm line 165,
<Sock_81.171.121.31:7001> line 2.

So I looked into the source and found the command at line 165, and gave this
via telnet onto the the tracker:

telnet localhost 7001
Connected to localhost.localdomain.
Escape character is '^]'.
ERR unknown_command Unknown+server+command

So now I'm stumped.

Does anybody have a clue?


Arnoud Vermeer
FreshWay Innovations
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