perlbal (or something) in front of mogile?

Dusty Leary dusty at
Thu Jul 6 17:32:13 UTC 2006

Hi all,

We are moving an existing file store to mogfs.  I would like to use
the existing paths as the mogfs keys.

Right now, we have images with urls like:

They are served by squid in front of apache reading from NFS, and it
has gotten very painful for the machine serving NFS.

I would like to use '/userdata/00/12/34/images/foo.jpg' as the mogfs
key to store the file.  Then, have perlbal or something listening on, taking a GET /userdata/00/12/34/images/foo.jpg, and
doing the mogile thing on the GET uri.

I figure this must be a common usage...  Is the perlbal plugin already written?

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