perlbal (or something) in front of mogile?

Mark Smith mark at
Thu Jul 6 18:13:00 UTC 2006

> I figure this must be a common usage...  Is the perlbal plugin already 
> written?

Actually, common usage is more like your first description.  Requests
hit Perlbal, which then proxies them to an Apache instance which handles
all of the translation from URI to MogileFS path, which then gets passed
back to the Perlbal.  Then the Perlbal contacts the storage nodes and
requests the file, spooning it out to the client, while the Apache
instance goes on to serve the next request.

I'm not aware of a plugin to do what you want.  I can't imagine it'd be
hard to write, though.  Would have to be careful about not blocking the
entire Perlbal thread on the MogileFS lookups...

Mark Smith
mark at

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