perlbal (or something) in front of mogile?

dormando dormando at
Thu Jul 6 19:53:26 UTC 2006

> I'm not aware of a plugin to do what you want.  I can't imagine it'd be
> hard to write, though.  Would have to be careful about not blocking the
> entire Perlbal thread on the MogileFS lookups...

I wanted to write one but scheduling doesn't permit right now :( I was 
going to base my work off of the non-blocking memcached client Chris 
from IMVU wrote.

The plugin needs to do translation, try memcached for the path, contact 
tracker non-block, etc. Not too hard but a lot of parts that could trip 
up perlbal. We currently run things the way Mark described, but I'd love 
to cut some latency off of image views by plugging it all into perlbal.


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