some bugs on svn

komtanoo.pinpimai at komtanoo.pinpimai at
Fri Jun 16 17:01:44 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

As somebody had suggested in another thread that I should use the svn
version instead, and I'm using it right now. Well, I think I've found some
bugs, in:

Worker/Delete|Reaper, -- forgot to export "error" from Util, which is easy
to fix. Butt, another bug that I have not an idea is:

sub SendToChildrenByJob {
    my $childref = $ChildrenByJob{$_[1]};
    return 0 unless defined $childref && %$childref;
    my $msg = $_[2];

    foreach my $child (values %$childref) {
        # ignore the child specified as the third arg if one is sent
        next if defined $_[3] && $_[3] == $child;

        # send the message to this child
        $child->enqueue_line($msg);        #!! // This method doesn't
exist  !!
    return scalar(keys %$childref);

I might need to switch to the CVS version, 'coz it's gonna be in a
production site. Is there another stable version with more up-to-date than
the CVS?


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