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Mon Jun 19 19:35:40 UTC 2006

Oh, I see, so devcount is always <= mindevcount ? In my database some
files have devcount > mindevcount(devc=4 or 3, mindevc=2), so I thought it
is the case.

On Mon, June 19, 2006 1:50 pm, Mark Smith wrote:
>> Well, yes it stops replicating when the mindevcount is reached, but
>> when some servers are dead the replicator will try to replicate to
>> maintain the number of replica not to lower than the mindevcount, and
>> when those servers are back, the devcount of some files might equal to
>> the mindevcount + the number of dead servers ?
> Note there's a difference between a device/host being 'down' and it
> being 'dead'.
> If you mark something as dead, it means: "this device/host is not coming
> back, the files on it are permanently gone."  MogileFS will start removing
> files from that machine and putting them elsewhere.
> If you just need to temporarily remove a machine from the pool due to
> maintenance or temporary failure, use the 'down' state.  MogileFS will NOT
> replicate the files to new locations, trusting instead that the downed
> data will return at some point.
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