Squid in front of Mogilefs tracker

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Mon Jun 26 10:26:53 UTC 2006

Thanks Mark.

In fact, my goal is to reduce the step : client > tracker > mysql > tracker
I'd like to be able to have one MogileFS installation, cache docs at the top
level, and if required in a few months, to replicate on another location my
squid farm (idea is to build a little custom CDN).

If I add appropriated headers (Expires, Last-Modified..) to the MogileFS
client API when it returns content, Squid can cache the result, no ?

2006/6/26, Mark Smith <mark at plogs.net>:
> > Is it possible to put Squid in front of MogileFS tracker ?
> In front of the storage nodes, yes.  Not the tracker - that speaks a
> custom non-HTTP protocol.
> But if you're talking about the part that serves the files, sure.  You'd
> have to run both a webdav server (such as mogstored, or lighttpd) as
> well as your squid cache - just put them on separate ports.
> Then, you can configure your hosts to set the alternate GET port to send
> all of the retrievals to your squid cache.  For example, if you take a
> standard storage node, called store1, with mogstored/lighttpd running on
> port 7500 (default), you could start squid on port 7600, and then do:
> $ mogadm host modify store1 --getport=7600
> That would modify store1 and change the GET port to 7600.  Once that's
> done, all URLs returned by the tracker will point at :7600 on the
> destination machine - but only for GET requests.
> That should do what you want...
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> Mark Smith
> mark at plogs.net
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