Squid in front of Mogilefs tracker

Mark Smith mark at plogs.net
Mon Jun 26 08:45:24 UTC 2006

> Is it possible to put Squid in front of MogileFS tracker ?

In front of the storage nodes, yes.  Not the tracker - that speaks a
custom non-HTTP protocol.

But if you're talking about the part that serves the files, sure.  You'd
have to run both a webdav server (such as mogstored, or lighttpd) as
well as your squid cache - just put them on separate ports.

Then, you can configure your hosts to set the alternate GET port to send
all of the retrievals to your squid cache.  For example, if you take a
standard storage node, called store1, with mogstored/lighttpd running on
port 7500 (default), you could start squid on port 7600, and then do:

$ mogadm host modify store1 --getport=7600

That would modify store1 and change the GET port to 7600.  Once that's
done, all URLs returned by the tracker will point at :7600 on the
destination machine - but only for GET requests.

That should do what you want...

Mark Smith
mark at plogs.net

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