"Streaming" FLV through MogileFS

Eric Lambrecht eml at guba.com
Fri Apr 13 23:18:22 UTC 2007

dormando wrote:
> RE: To brad; We can't modify the flash client, and we're doing 
> time-specific syncs. The goal is to allow a room full of chatters to 
> 'sync' up with what everyone's seeing, approximately. Also to allow 
> people to reliably skip around a long file.
> RE: Eric; has any of this code been posted? Was this part of that giant 
> patch you sent a while back? :)

Nope. I'm ashamed that such a crappy patch will forever be tied to my 
name now... damn you internet!

> I'm still reading up on how this all works. From what I can tell so far 
> flash is using a metadata index in the file to numerate the video's 
> iframes. How are you telling perbal where to start playing back in the 
> file?
> It's looking like the flash client might hang if it gets the file at the 
> wrong section? The first step in the tutorials is to add the flash 
> streaming metadata to the file, but some newer flash exporters do that 
> automatically. So if the metadata is wrong, how does it still work?

You need to have good metadata or it doesn't work. You can use flvtool 
to generate the metadata.


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