"Streaming" FLV through MogileFS

dormando dormando at rydia.net
Fri Apr 13 21:57:52 UTC 2007

> We've got a perlbal in front of our web servers that proxy out mogile 
> content. We made an update to perlbal so that if a cgi script returns an 
> 'X-REPROXY-FLV-START' header to perlbal (in addition to the 
> 'X-REPROXY-URL' header that points to the actual video in mogile), 
> perlbal makes a partial GET request against the backend mogile server 
> (lighttpd, in this case), and prefixes the response back to the client 
> with the 13 byte FLV header information.
> Eric...


RE: To brad; We can't modify the flash client, and we're doing 
time-specific syncs. The goal is to allow a room full of chatters to 
'sync' up with what everyone's seeing, approximately. Also to allow 
people to reliably skip around a long file.

RE: Eric; has any of this code been posted? Was this part of that giant 
patch you sent a while back? :)

I'm still reading up on how this all works. From what I can tell so far 
flash is using a metadata index in the file to numerate the video's 
iframes. How are you telling perbal where to start playing back in the file?

It's looking like the flash client might hang if it gets the file at the 
wrong section? The first step in the tutorials is to add the flash 
streaming metadata to the file, but some newer flash exporters do that 
automatically. So if the metadata is wrong, how does it still work?


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