Data splitting

drpr0ctologist at drpr0ctologist at
Mon Aug 6 15:53:12 UTC 2007

> Users never see /dev8/0/000/763/0000763408.fid (or
> /dev8/0/000/763/0000763408.jpg).
> Users would see:
> And then your app and/or database would map "my-funny-picture.jpg" to the
> proper MogileFS key, or perhaps "my-funny-picture.jpg" _is_ the MogileFS
> key you used.

So basically when the client requests, server "", which
runs Perlbal, would then communicate with the MogileFS tracker and translate
the above to /dev8/0/000/763/0000763408.fid?

I guess my question is, how does the app know how to do the translation with
as little trouble as possible?  I'd rather not have to create some elaborate
naming scheme separately if Perlbal+MogileFS tracker already does this.
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