Copying files over

dormando dormando at
Sun Aug 19 19:47:06 UTC 2007

drpr0ctologist at wrote:
> Is it possible to copy a bunch of files over to the MogileFS system 
> quickly and easily?  I have a directory full of images and would like to 
> mass-move them over.  Or, would I need to write a custom script (which 
> interfaces with MogileFS) to do it?

Pull up the perldoc's for MogileFS::Client, the example section is 
practically what you want already.

When migrating to mogilefs we tried an easy path.

- I wrote a 30 line perl script to migrate data. "Is data already in 
mogilefs? If not, store. Next".
- We had the application try mogilefs first, then the old storage second.
- Then waited three days while the script pulled in 10 million files.

If we _really_ needed it to go faster there were other options, but the 
simpler the method the more likely it is to work for you :)


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