moving to postgres

Bill Desjardins carracing at
Mon Dec 10 23:16:37 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I have a small mogile setup which currently uses mysql and would like
to move it over to postgres but I have a couple questions..

- Is the mogilefs code for using postgres stable enough for production usage?

- what would be the best practice for moving the data over to postgres?

- The mogile DB version on my production mysql db is 9 and the new
postgres mogile schema is version 10 (from trunk). Do I need to update
my complete mogilefs installation to match the DB schema version

I did some testing for moving the data by using mogdbsetup to create
the DB on postgres and then dumping the data from mysql and importing
it into the new postgres DB. everything went into postgres without
error, but is this a suitable method to recreate the DB on postgres?

Thanks for your help,


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