Questions about MogileFS in a production environment

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Thu Dec 13 17:33:08 UTC 2007

hi Clint,

	We serve up files that range from 1 MB to 1 GB out of MogileFS.
I believe there is a hard limit at 2 GB, but one of the authors could
better testify to that.


- Jared

Jared Klett


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Dormando was kind enough to point me at some info in the mailing list
from a few weeks ago where people talked about the scale of the MogileFS
stores they're currently using.

Could anyone mention some names of some reasonably large scale web
sites/services which I might recognize that are using MogileFS?

Also, I've read a bit about trouble serving files greater than 100mb. Is
there some limit on file size that I should be aware of?

Thanks again!


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On Wed, 2007-12-12 at 16:06 -0700, Clinton Goudie-Nice wrote:

	Is anyone on the list using mogile in a large scale production
	I'm considering running MogileFS in a production environment;
sort of a giant disk in the sky, for 
	an assortment of Internet apps. It will potentially be serving
up terabytes of data, mostly in small image files, probably behind a
squid caching proxy. 
	Is there anything people on the list could comment on? How
stable is it, how big are your various production stores, etc...

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