Announce: mogilefs-server 2.17

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue Jul 3 19:42:58 UTC 2007

New MogileFS server release:

Changes since 2.16:

        * get_paths command now takes a pathcount option, defaulting to
          2, instead of having a hardcoded constant of 2. This allows
          requesting more than 2 paths to a file.

        * make fsck log over-replicated files as policy violations.  it
          won't delete over-replicated files, though, just log

        * Document how to test MogileFS under doc/testing.txt. You really
          should read this if you want to use MogileFS to store your data.

        * Add a safety check to ensure that Postgresql-8.2 or newer is used.

        * Update mogdbsetup usage, and ensure it choses the correct admin
          username automatically.

        * Document the --type option to mogdbsetup.

        * Introduce the Postgres Store implementation. The locking system might
          still have issues, beware of stale locks! Initial prototype by Radu
          Greab <rg at>, and developed heavily by Robin H. Johnson
          <robbat2 at>.

        * start of support to make mogstored wrap Apache + web_dav

        * Remove duplicated [fsck] in log output of Fsck worker.

        * Handle HiRes gettimeofday correctly to get useful results. Arrays are
          important. This gives us correct timing output.

        * Handle input to log() correctly. Based on the implementation of
          Sys::Syslog::syslog(), produces no ugly warnings, and makes sure that
          printf stuff works nicely.

        * The unix_timestamp function belongs to the Store, not other classes.
          Need to add testcases for process_deletes and stats.

        * Using NULL during an INSERT for the AUTO_INCREMENT column does not
          work very well outside of MySQL. Pass the correct number of arguments
          to the INSERT instead.

        * Clean up all raw usages of UNIX_TIMETAMP() function, in preparation
          for database independence. If you need the unix timestamp, include the output
          of $self->unix_timestamp directly into your query.

        * Alter $0 so that the scripts show up as '$SCRIPTNAME' in the process
          listing instead of '/usr/bin/perl $SCRIPTNAME'. This makes init.d
          scripts easier to manage.

        * make mogstored's lighttpd config use mod_status for "/", so
          mogadm doesn't think it's dead when it previously saw a 404
          (Justin Huff <jjhuff at>)

        * remove Linux::AIO support, now that Perlbal has removed it as well,
          and because Linux::AIO support (when Perlbal then chooses
          IO::AIO) was hanging mogstored on shutdown.  so also add a
          mogstored shutdown test (after a full daemonization of it)

        * make Mgd::validate_dbh() re-check/ping slave dbhs as well.
          (problem mentioned by Steven Shou <steven.shou at>)

        * support drive identifiers above sdz (Arjan <info at>)

        * make mogstored's iostat child process properly shutdown,
          even when iostat binary isn't installed.  (previously
          it was stuck in a loop every 10 seconds, hoping for
          iostat to be installed, but never respecting parent
          process' death)

        * Change delete worker to use new DeviceStates interface.

        * Fix get_paths to honor new device state of 'drain' via new
          DeviceStates interface.

        * use signifigantly less CPU when re-broadcasting around
          iostat device utilization% to child processes.  (future:
          don't rebroadcast at all and use shared memory)

        * slightly faster fsck (do less syscalls)

        * efficiency: don't broadcast dup state information to children
          (track in parent what children know already)

        * if using Gearman::Server >= 1.09, respawn the fidsizes
          worker if it dies.

- Brad

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